Who is he? Nobody. no identity, no digital prints, no belongings He is just the Lord of his own World. Lord Nobody always performs with a mask, a special one: sometimes blue, some others white, usually black. He canít be imprisoned There are no chains or ropes can hold him. No jail, prison, risk. He always lives on the edge, in an ever ending quest of his limits as Death seeks his soul but Death has yet to find satisfaction We are witnesses of his fearless and reckless actions: he was dropped from a waterfall in a cage imprisoned under 20ft of water inside a plexiglass box, and buried alive with no possibility to escape. But he emerged,undisturbed,untouched by madness, alive and Nobody. But he emerged, undisturbed, untouched by madness, alive and Nobody. He has studied in Europe, then in China for 7 years. Now, he’s back. His tranings reached the boundary. of human life both physically and psychologically physically and psycologically. But he strove to overcome every hurdle to create shows that go beyond the limit of imagination, drawing the public into his dreams of light, and fear. He performs in theatres, on television and at special events all over the world. Are you ready for the challenge? Lord Nobody is waiting for you. Choose the language Who is it Illusions Close up Mentalism Books Portfolio Contacts Lord Nobody Lord Nobody Lord Nobody Magic belongs to Nobody. It’s his world. His power. Our Knowledge. copyright nacky.it Who is it